Why does it cost $10 to submit an entry to the Town of Taos Lamppost Banner Competition?


The Taos Arts Council collects a $10 fee via the Call For Entry website (CaFe).

These collected funds go first towards paying for the cost of setting up the 'Call' (Call For Entry website application) itself.

Remaining funds go towards paying for the printing and mounting of the selected (winning) artwork for the Town of Taos Town Hall Show, and other various promotional expenditures associated with the Town of Taos Banner Competition, including advertising, additional materials for the TOT Town Show, and incidental related expenses.

In general, the Taos Arts Council seeks to keep the associated fee for this project to a minimum with the intent to only cover costs of the Banner Project budget, and applies all collected funds towards promotional avenues to benefit the overall Taos Arts Community. 

The Taos Arts Council thanks you for your participation, fee contribution and underlying support.


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