What is a Blind Jury?


The term 'Blind Jury' overall means the jurors neither know the other jurors, nor the identities of the artists who have submitted the artwork. (*Of course there will be some recognition in a smaller community, but it is the overall fairest method.)

As the Call For Entry closes, The Taos Arts Council asks three different unassociated persons to act as jurors. The Jurors are not aware of the each other identities and are chosen based on different factors such as background, residency, education and similar qualifications.

They are assigned an account login to the CaFE system and are presented with the images to grade on a scale of 1 - 7, based on factors such as content, clarity from 20 feet, contrast, color, necessary cropping, orientation, etc., and their personal preferences.

When the jurors have finished their evaluations and scoring, the three scores for each piece are then averaged, and then the highest 66 scores are considered the winning images.



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