On behalf of the Town of Taos and the Taos Arts Council, we would like to thank all of the artists that submitted work for the 2020 Banner Competition. Shown in the gallery below are All the submissions we received this year (199 total), to show the breadth and depth of art that Taos has to offer and also present the overall difficulty in choosing the 'Selected' images for banner production. Our method of jurying these images is explained in detail here. We hope you enjoy this display of 'Taos is Art'. The SELECTED images for the 2020 Banner Competition (66) are noted in the individual pop-up windows for reference - Click on Image to View. 

Artists! If you would like your name or any contact information added to this image gallery, or if you have any other questions, please email us at info@taosartscouncil.org. Thank you!

Selected Artists

Alita Randolph - "Fairies At Night"
Anne Buel - "River"
Barbara Bartels - "Purple Asters"
Barbara Brock - "Mesa Sunset"
Bonnie Bower-Dennis - "Sunflowers"
Carlos Garcia - "Calavera"
Cher McMacken - "Blumenschein Poppies"
Christie Bundy - "Milky Way Adobe"
Clodie Francois - "Fishing for Light"
D. Reina - "North Road"
Daniel Rael - "Franciscan Coat of Arms"
David Mapes - "New Mexico Deco Cabinet"
Denice Weinberg - "Chamisa Canyon"
Diane Nelson-Scott - "Donkey Up"
Elida Hanson-Finelli - "So We May Dream into Each Other"
Elizabeth Jose - "She Casts a Long Shadow"
Gail Goodwin - "Water and Earth"
Gathering Flowers Lujan-Lucero - "On The Way To The Corn Dance"
Gayle Weisfield - "El Salto"
Geraint Smith - "Coyote Eyes"
Ginger Mongiello - "Xylem and Phloem"
Inger Jirby - "Walt Gonsky's Gate I"
Jackie Kolbenschlag - "Reflections in Water"
Jackson Ballard - "Pueblo Indian"
Jan O’Donohue - "Skylline"
Jane Ellen Burke - "CSF #579"
Jeff Black - "Christmas at St. Francis d'Asis, Ranchos de Taos"
Jeffrey Baker - "Lightrise Taos"
JoAnne DeKeuster - "Fire"
Jonathan Warmday - "First Snow on Taos Mountain"
Karen, Ahlgren - “Grizzly Twilight”
Kathryn Tatum - "Mountain Folds"
Kitty Bensusen - "Que Pasa"
Krysteen Waszak - "Sunny Sunday"
Linda Hoag - "Gold Hill"
Lydia Johnston - "After the Storm"
Marc Martinez - "Wale Watcher"
Margaret Nes - "Blood Of Our Acequia Madre"
Mario Benavidez - "Ascension"
Max Jones - "High Road"
Megan Kraynock - "Two Koi"
Mel Scully - "I'll fly Away"
Michael Anaya-Gorman - "Shichee - Grandfather"
Michael Ridder - "Barnacle Vase 001"
Michael Walker - "Complication"
Nina Anthony - "Lifeblood"
Patricia Reza - "Taos Night Life"
Paule Marx - "Summer"
Peggy Immel - "Under a Great Big Sky"
Peggy McGivern - "Red Horse Canyon"
Peggy Trigg - "The Base at No Man's Land"
Rick Haltermann - "Mesa Sunset"
Robert Pokorney - "Taos Ski Valley 1"
Rupert Chambers - "Taos Farmers Market"
Sasha vom Dorp - "169 Hz Sunlight"
Scott Randolph - "Black and Blue Bird"
Seamus Berkely - "Sun Setting on the Mesa"
Sheena Cameron - "In Raven Mode"
Stephen Jatho - "Latilla - Summer Sunset Yellow"
Steven McMacken - "Mountain Light"
Sylvia Luftig - "Burnt Orange Polish Spill"
Tatiana Koch - "Arroyo Hondo Autumn"
Terry Dannon - "Sunset Park"
Terry Thompson - "Rio Grande River Near Sunset"
Valerie Graves - "High Country Fall"
Victoria Ryan - "Go High"


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