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Friday, 01 January 2016 22:57

TAC is a deeply layered website. [All comments below, reference being on TAC HOME Page.  The "headlines" are under "LATEST NEWS & EVENTS"]

CLICK on the headline for more information on each topic and CLICK on FACEBOOK WALL (in the blue box) to go to TAC's Facebook page for hip and up-to-date art connections.

And CLICK on "Random Taos Artists"(in right column) to see our beautiful eclectic Art-in-Touch ART GALLERY.

ALSO, if you are a Taos Artist or Taos Art Organization PLEASE CLICK on "Submission Form" in the top banner if you wish to be added to Art-in-Touch [the TAC Artist and Art Organization Database]. You may submit serveral times if you are a multi artist/artisan/craftsman working in several art medium categories. This is a free, public, artist's database designed to promote you, your website, information about where you exhibit, workshops you may offer and an art image — which will automatically be part of our Art-in-Touch ART GALLERY.  

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