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The Taos Opera Institute ( June 2018 Schedule!

(From the website) TOI (Taos Opera Institute) was established by Mary Jane Johnson and Linda Poetschke in 2007 as a four-week, intensive program designed to bridge the gap between academia and apprenticeships for the emerging young vocal artist. Our philosophy focuses on integrating and improving your technique, your physical well being, and your artistry.

Singers participate in interactive sessions with distinguished guests and professional artists, focusing on competition psychology, performance anxiety, audition strategies, stage deportment, dramatic interpretation, and vocal stability.  Singers leave TOI with a complete audition package, confidently preparing them for the next level of their career development. Read more on TOI website...


See TOI - June 2018 Schedule as PDF


Dear Friends and Supporters of the Arts ~

You are invited to a fantastic evening including Food Wine & Performance 
Sunday, April 15, 2018, 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM       
Old Martina's Hall

The night's events will include: 

5-course dinner & wine pairing with Chef Joseph Wrede of Joseph's of Santa Fe.

Live music with Jamin Reyes & Serena Smith.

Classical and Contemporary dance performances with Ballet Taos Dancers

Tickets are $100 per person. Seating is limited.
To purchase tickets call 575.779.9128 or email us at

Help ensure the future of dance in Taos New Mexico!

Call for Artists - Taos Indoor Art Market

4500 sq. feet, vaulted ceilings, near major hotels, convention center, southside spa

10 x 10 booth space - weekends only, some include wall space for large art, textiles - $40.00 per weekend per space -

12 weekend minimum commitment required, artist chooses weekends, consecutive not required, first come first serve basis.

Potters, jewelers, sculptors, fiber, glass, metal, wood, fine and folk art, indoor/outdoor food vendor, performance artists, etc. 

Booth share ok, Art organizations welcome.

No dealers, some restrictions per open chemicals, etc.

Artist keeps all sales, must have floor covering.

Registration deadline April 30, 2018 for June opening

Accept contract and remit payment; major credit card, cashier’s check, to NonviolentWorks, Inc. 1337 Gusdorf Road, Taos, NM. 

Contact Beatrice Miera 575-613-3036 for more info.

Local Non-Profit-NVW, Inc.

The Taos News posted an article on the events sponsored by the Taos Arts Council.

The full article can be read here!

The Arts Council and Town hosted a very successful opening reception on Friday.
Over 160 attendance, many artists and complimentary comments on the installation.

Below is a compliation of the Town Banners, courtesy of Robert Cafazzo at Two Graces Plaza Gallery.

You can see the entire slideshow at this link - View Photos of Town Banners.

 "I've just finished this blog post which includes photographs of all 84 Taos is Art Banners. It has taken me 5 days to photograph all of the banners, which drove me a bit off the wall when I couldn't find the 84th one. Thanks to Karina and Paul for helping to solve the mystery of the 84th banner! All are accounted for."

 "People have asked for a map, this isn't quite that but it is in order from North to South.
Thank you to everyone involved."

Robert Cafazzo
Two Graces Plaza Gallery