Dr. Jon Kay’s book explores “how elders choose to tap into their creative and personal potential through making life-story objects." It focuses on five elders in Indiana and “how their creative work assists them in making sense of their lives, connecting with others, forging a new identity in their later years, and making commentary of the changing world around them.” Jon has done talks about his research to arts groups, in elder care facilities, and to community organizations as the book is relevant to all sides of the equation.

As we have limited space, we are asking attendees to RSVP on the Eventbrite page - https://folkartsaging.eventbrite.com

The book is available for free as a downloadable PDF and I encourage you to take a look (link can be found on the event page). You can also check out the book website for more info on the book and Jon Kay: http://www.folkartandaging.com/

The event will be Friday March 31, at 12pm in the Bartlett Library at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe.

Let me know if you have any questions, I am happy to talk more about the book and the event!

Lilli Tichinin
Program Coordinator
Folk Arts, Arts Projects and Accessibility
New Mexico Arts | Department of Cultural Affairs

The Taos Arts Council, the Workman and Temple Family Homestead Museum, and the John A. Rowland House are proud to present Take A Detour From Route 66: Taos To L.A.

This event is curated by Irvine poet, Karen S. Córdova; and Taos poet and publisher, Andrea L. Watson, who offer profound gratitude and appreciation for the Homestead Museum and its staff, especially Alexandra Rasic, Director of Public Programs; Paul Spitzzeri, Museum Director; and Robert Barron, Facilities Coordinator; as well as for Elizabeth Riley.

Award-winning poets from across the United States and historical commentators were invited to take a detour in either space or time and create original work for this event, inspired by Route 66 and its ancestral trails. Select musicians and artists were invited to share their talents with images and musical echoes of the Mother Road and states through which it snakes.

A culinary historian was invited to offer samplings of Route 66- era diner food.

Thanks to Patrick Utter and members of the Model ‘A’ Restores Club for sharing their vehicles with us on Saturday.


To view the entire program of Schedule, Activities, Participants and Biographies  - Please click here (pdf).

A staged reading of SEVEN will be presented Sunday - March 5th, 4 to 7 p.m., at SOMOS.  

SEVEN is written by seven award winning playwrights, based upon interviews with seven courageous women from seven different countries who have faced life-threatening obstacles to bring about major improvements in the lives of women and girls in their home countries.  

Taos Readers are:  Judith Kendall, Jan Smith, Judith Rane, Rose Gordon, Christine Autumn, Pat McCabe and Pam Parker.



In 2006, Vital Voices connected seven award-winning female playwrights with seven extraordinary women leaders in our Global Leadership Network. Inspired by their tales of triumph, the playwrights gave voice to these women’s experiences and produced a documentary play, SEVEN.

Through the powerful medium of theater, true stories of leadership and courage come to life, illustrating that women in diverse corners of the world are overcoming tremendous odds to advance peace, justice and freedom. The women profiled in SEVEN and their respective playwrights include:

Farida Azizi, Afghanistan | Playwright: Ruth Margraff

Mu Sochua, Cambodia | Playwright: Catherine Filloux

Anabella de Leon, Guatemala | Playwright: Gail Kriegel

Hafsat Abiola, Nigeria |  Playwright: Anna Deavere Smith

Inez McCormack, Northern Ireland |  Playwright: Carol K. Mack

Mukhtar Mai, Pakistan |  Playwright: Susan Yankowitz

Marina Pisklakova-Parker, Russia |  Playwright: Paula Cizmar

SEVEN Around the World

Premiered in New York City, SEVEN has been translated into 23 languages, with over 150 performances staged in 32 countries.




The Taos Arts Council presents a  Brown Bag Tour, an informal tour and talk, on its the current exhibition “Taos Artists in Public Spaces” on Friday, March 3, 2017 at 12noon, at Taos Town Hall, 400 Camino de la Placita, Taos, NM. Participating artists for the program are photographers Meredith Mason Garcia and Mark Goebel and ceramic artists JoAnne DeKeuster and Kevin DeKeuster.

The public is invited to bring a bag lunch for consumption either before or after the tour with the artists.

Photographer Meredith Garcia will share insights to the mini-retrospective on her work and its processes. Mark Goebel will discuss the large photo-murals on view in the Town Hall lobby as well as

his archival digital photographs from New Mexico. JoAnne and Kevin DeKeuster of Enchanted Circle Pottery, wood-fired pottery and ceramics, will present aspects of their work from a distinguished professional career.


“Taos Artists in Public Spaces” presents the work of Taos County artists who responded to an invitation

from the Taos Arts Counci and the Art in Public Spaces program of New Mexico Arts.  The exhibition continues through March 31, 2017, Monday-Friday, 8:00am -5:00pm. The exhibition continues the goal of the Taos Arts Council to place art in public buildings and develop a Taos Public Art Program with the Town of Taos.

Visit www.taosartscouncil.org for additional information on the Council and its services.  The Taos Arts Council is funded in part by NMArts a division of the Department of Cultural Affairs and the National Endowment for the Arts.


Taos Arts Council                                                                              NEWS RELEASE

PO Box 263                                                                                        Ferbuary 16, 2017

Taos, NM 87571

Contact: Paul Figueroa, President






Saturday - February 18, 2017 - 7 to 9 pm / SAGEBRUSH INN

                * A MASQUERADE CELEBRATION *

                               A "LOVE YOUR LIBRARY" EVENT 


                      PRIZES * RAFFLE * APPETIZERS * LIVE MUSIC 




Wednesday, 01 February 2017 19:10 News & Events

ART IN PUBLIC SPACES - is a program within the state of New Mexico. At the TAC sponsored, Public Forum on Art in Public Spaces, held in the mural room of the old Taos County Courthouse on January 28, 2017, Michelle Laflamme-Childs informed us of the many opportunities for Taos artists to be listed on the rooster — as an available artist for possible selection of artwork for a public spaces.  Financial compensation is part of the program.  We at TAC think ALL TAOS ARTIST should be registered.  Here are the links to garner more information:

You may also contact Michelle directly at: "Laflamme-Childs, Michelle, DCA" <Michelle.Laflamme-C@state.nm.us>
The artwork shown here is by Art in Public Places artist, Mark Goebel, whose work is on display, along with

* Jonathan Blaustein * JoAnne DeKeuster * Kevin DeKeuster *

             * Meredith Mason Garcia * Mark Goebel * Abby Salsbury * Peggy Trigg *

at the Taos Town Hall exhibit titled: TAOS ARTISTS IN PUBLIC SPACES and running until ............

The stunning Goebel Photography, Giclee, Inkjet printing artworks are titled: Taos, New Mexico [A one hour exposure, illuminated by a super moon – taken at 2:00 a.m., December 25, 2015] and Spring Storm, Taos Mountains, New Mexico taken April 30, 2016 [Catching a sudden light being reflected off a big white cloud shrouding the Taos Mountains.]


Wednesday, 14 December 2016 23:16 News & Events




TAC is looking for art images !


Please send us your art images to info@taosartcouncil.org and tell us something about the image, if you like.




ALSO, Taos and Northern New Mexico area Artists and Art Organizations, PLEASE cllck on the "SUBMISSION" link on our website pages and fill out the form with information about you and your art.  You may add an image and a link to your website.  We appreciate, greatly, your help in making this artist website full, informative and active.





 Thank you very much.  TAC

TAC is on Facebook

Thursday, 15 September 2016 18:25 Taos Arts Council

Taos Arts Council (TAC) is on Facebook.  You, too, can post on the TAC facebook page.

Seach "Taos Arts Council" on Facebook

Welcome to Our New Website!

Friday, 16 October 2015 19:00 Taos Arts Council

WELCOME to the TAOS ARTS COUNCIL Art in Touch Art Network !

This is a free and public "directory" of information covering the artists and art organizations of Taos and Northern New Mexico — supported by members and public contributions to our 501-C3 non-profit arts council.  The mission of the Taos Arts Council, as advocates for all of the arts, is to promote awareness, understanding, appreciation and development in all of the Creative Arts (literary, visual, tactile, musical, performing, etc.) in order to enhance the quality of life in our Northern New Mexico region.  

The depth, reliability, and usefulness of the Art in Touch Art Network depends entirely upon artists and art organizations by submitting a SUBMISSION FORM for each art medium and for editing, one's self, whenever information needs to be updated or deleted.

Thanks are given to the artists and art organizations for making this an important and exciting portal to the arts in Northern New Mexico.

It is our hope that VISITORS, and LOCALS alike, will find all of the information they need to discover, meet and engage with the rich and creative artists and art community of Northern New Mexico.  Judith Rane for TAC

Donations requested for TAC

Monday, 01 December 2014 00:00 Taos Arts Council

With the designation by the IRS as a 501 c 3 organization the Taos Arts Council reminds individuals and businesses that a contribution is tax deductible. Your end of the year gift will support our mission to promote a greater awareness, appreciation and understanding of the arts in northern New Mexico. Our art in public spaces, arts presentations
during the Fall Arts Festival and continued public meetings to exchange information are among our activities. We advocate for the arts, your donation will make a difference.

Please mail your gift to:
Taos Arts Council,
PO Box 263
Taos NM 87571

Thank you.
Board of Directors, Taos Arts Council